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Conceito desenvolvido por Gilbert Simondon: “There is disparation when two twin sets that cannot be entirely superimposed, such as the left retinal image and the right retinal image, are grasped together as a system, allowing for the formation of a single set of a higher degree which integrates their elements thanks to a new dimension.

"I aim to do this by focussing on three elements of what, rather improperly, could be referred to as Simondon’s political thought: 1. the manner in which the concept of Nature or pre-individual displaces the debates on the relationship between political action, human nature and biological capacity; 2. the importance of the excess of the subject over the individual as the matrix of a politics of the transindividual; 3. the possibility of envisaging the concept of disparation as a non-dialectical but nevertheless political conceptualisation of conflict and transformation."
“Rather than the substantial support of relations that would inhere within it, (preindividual) being is defined as affected by disparation, that is, by the tension between incompatible–as yet unrelated–dimensions or potentials in being”


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